Instructions for use Clean Forte

Clean Forte – manual

instructions for use Clean Forte

Use drops as effective as possible, the body quickly get rid of the parasites, you need to use the drug against the parasite is strictly follow the instructions. It is attached to the packaging of the goods, but if the loss will be written below, how to use Clean Forte.

Dilute 30 drops of the preparation in a glass of clean water. Consume a half hour before meals. Tools to use twice a day for a month.


The investigation proposed by an expert in order to determine the presence of parasites in the body, but certain symptoms indirectly confirms that the infection:

  • Lack of energy, apathy, lethargy, migraine.
  • Regular night waking.
  • The intestinal disorders, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain.
  • Skin problems, itching, allergic reactions.
  • The pain symptoms in the chest, shortness of breath.
  • Even a single symptom from the list most likely indicates that the presence of parasites in the body. Are encouraged to the course Clean Forte as a preventive measure.


    Drop Clean Forte there are no contraindications and does not cause any side effects because it's natural, soft and safe treatment. The drug can be used by any person, the Czech Republic , who suspect that the presence of parasites, the only contraindications would be Allergy to the components of the composition.